Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Attack on general Brar was a Cowardly Act

News has emanated from London that Lt General Brar now 78 years old, was attacked by 4 assailants who tried to cut his throat with a kirpan. This incident took place at 10pm when the General and his wife were emerging after dinner from a London hotel. The General was however a tough nut and he fought with his attackers. His wife also raised an alarm and many rushed to help Brar. Like cowards and rats the attackers fled the scene. The general was whisked by an ambulance to hospital in 10 minutes and is now recuperating at his home.
Who were the assailants? In all probability they were militant Sikhs who have been targeting the General for almost 2 decades. General Brar was the div commander who led the assault on the Golden Temple which had been defiled by Sant Bhindrenwale and his gang of hoodlums. What ever the Sikhs might say that the Sikh militants had defiled the temple as over dozens of scotch bottles were recovered and many young girls had gone missing. Bhindrenwale was the anti-thesis of everything the Sikh gurus stood for, namely compassion and piety. It was only right that he and his gang were eliminated.
General Brar only obeyed the call of duty, as the Army commander General Sunderji detailed him for this task. So blaming and attacking Brar for Blue Star is uncalled for. One wonders what is the rationale for attacking a 78 year old man. We hope Scotland Yard can nab the killers and finally its about time the impression that India is a soft state is erased. Why not the Indian intelligence agencies go after these cowards?