Monday, December 31, 2012

The Army cancels New Year celebrations for death of the Rape Victim

I had flown in from Singapore a few days back to be with my family and also celebrate the New Year at the prestigious United Services Club, right on the sea front at Colaba, lands end in Mumbai. My thoughts were however muddled and I felt it was not proper to dance and drink when the nation was emotionally charged up with the killing and earlier rape of the 23 year old girl in Delhi. The girl had been raped in a moving bus and severely assaulted and though taken to Singapore for treatment died because of organ failure. It is really sad. The body on return to Delhi from Singapore was received by the Prime Minister himself and her cremation was attended by the Delhi Chief Minister. Sonia Gandhi the Congress party leader cancelled all New Year celebrations.
The Army Chief of Staff General Bikram Singh sensing the mood in the army and the people issued instructions to nearly 100 army clubs in India to cancel New Year celebrations as a mark of respect to the departed brave heart. Accordingly early on 31st December, Army Headquarters issued instructions to all concerned clubs and institutes to cancel New Year celebrations. This is much appreciated among the officer cadre who cannot be insulated from the emotions of the Indian nation. Frankly I am greatly relieved, as I never wanted to sing and drink on this sombre occasion when a young girl has been done to death in a most heinous manner after being gang raped. Her death has galvanized the Indian nation and only some good will comes out of it. Thus the US club and the Army Officers Institute have cancelled New Year celebrations.