Thursday, January 3, 2013

Horses and Men Don't Age;Sex Drive Remains

The Case of Anthony Quinn Anthony Quinn Some time back I read that my favorite actor Anthony Quinn fell in love with his secretary Kathy Benvin when he was 82 and married her. Before he married her she was impregnated by him and gave birth to a son. He subsequently had another child from her just before he died in 2001. Kathy was 55 years younger than Quinn. When Anthony Quinn impregnated Kathy he was 82. Obviously his wife Jolanda Addolori divorced him, it was but natural.
What the Kama Sutra Says Kama Sutra The Kama Sutra says that a man never ages if he maintains himself. He remains young in case he has sexual relations with younger girls. Anthony Quinn probably followed this recipe and in all fathered 12 children. Some record. Hugh Hefner and his marriage
Hugh and his bride Quinn’s is not the first case, but there are many others. The latest is that of Hugh Hefner another doyen in public life and founder editor of Playboy has married his girl friend 26 year old Crystal Harris a former playmate of the Playboy magazine. There was a tinge of adventure when earlier Crystal had declined to marry and Hugh had published her photos under the heading runaway bride. Perhaps it was a publicity ploy, but now he has tied the knot and I wish him all the best. A personal Incident love sign These are not isolated incidents but as they are celebraties, obviously they are well reported. Years back when I was a young subaltern and posted at Baghdogra, I was invited to a retired Majors house for a welcome cocktail (No names please).The Major a 72 year old stalwart resided at Matigara where he owned a tea estate. He was a Punjabi, but what struck me that he had 12 kids and I was told his youngest wife a Nepal girl was only 25. Last Word
What Vatsyayana wrote is not fantasy and latest research in Denmark confirms that a relationship of older man with a younger girl is a recipe for longevity and good health. The fact remains that the adage horses and men don’t age is true and most men can take heart and carry on, knowing it’s never late to have a fling.