Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jews in Israel are Revolting Against Circumcision

One fact known to most people is that circumcision is part of Jewish religion, similar to Islam. Normally in Jewish families circumcision is carried out when the baby is 8 days old. Educated Jews will go to the hospital but in a vast majority of cases the circumcision is carried out by a Mohel, who is a religious man who is trained to carry out this task. This act is followed by a festive religious ceremony called the Brit. when a feast is laid out. Nobody really knows how this custom crept into Jewish thought but now an increasing number of Jews in Israel are questioning the need for this forceful circumcision. We must remember that circumcision is one of Judaism's most important laws and one cannot be a complete Jew without being circumcised.. In fact it is supposed to be a Jews covenant with God. The Christians did away with this practice though both religions trace their roots to the old testament.. Many Jews in Israel however now feel that this forcible circumcision is uncalled for and secretly many Jews are not getting their sons to undergo this ceremony. The new thinking Jews are asking as to what is the basis of this ceremony. What is the background and is one not a good Jew in case he does not undergo circumcision?
There are support groups formed in Israel who do not wish to get their sons circumcised. The membership was sparse some years back has now grown. These are the people who do not want their sons to be circumcised. In any case circumcision is only for the male in Judaism and frankly many Jews feel it is an unnecessary coercion. However this is still in its infancy and devout Jews will swear by it. Ultra orthodox Jews will not think of life without this ceremony. But the important point is that some Jews are questioning old values and analyzing all acts of coercion and force. The future can be interesting