Monday, January 7, 2013

Why is the Black American More Sexually Potent? Silly it is Darwin's Theory

This is an explosive matter and this question has bugged many researchers. A few white women who have been interviewed in this confidential survey confessed that got much greater satisfaction by mating with a black man. On further questioning they confessed that their black lovers had the where with all to satisfy them, both in terms of staying power and the act itself.
Many people have been wondering whether this is true. Recently a study has brought out some interesting points. The study refers to Darwin’s’ Theory of natural selection and survival of the fittest’. How does this apply to the Afro American? To understand this phenomenon we have to turn our pages back to history.
From the 17th century the notorious slave trade in blacks commenced and continued for almost 2 centuries. Most of the slaves were from West Africa and were transported to America for hard labor and work on the plantations. The requirement of the owners of plantations was strong and sturdy slaves. Accordingly the slave traders and their cohorts selected the strongest and biggest Africans for the slave trade. This was an organized business and slave traders insured the best physical specimens were selected.
These slaves were then transported to the West African coast and shipment to America. The ships carrying these slaves were ships with larger holds called slave ships. The voyage across the Atlantic was hazardous was fraught with risk and in many case only 50% of the blacks reached America, the rest having perished on the voyage. Thus it was a case of natural selection. The African slaves who made it to America were the strongest of the lot from an already filtered selection of slaves. They were the best of human species. Obviously physical fitness relates to sex directly and you have the answer.

This is not all, for even while working on the slave farms the African who was the fittest survived and many slaves who were weaker just perished. This is a classical case of Darwins theory  of natural selection. No wonder in the Olympics and macho sports like boxing the black in America rules as he is fitter than others. It translates to sexual prowess as well and cannot be brushed  aside.