Friday, January 18, 2013

A Big Farce: Honrary Rank of Group Captain for Tendulkar

I feel constrained to bring out what many may feel is an inconsequential point, but has great significance. This refers to the conferring of a Honorary rank of Group captain on Sachin Tendulkar by the Indian Air Force when Air Chief Marshal Naik was the Chief of Air Staff. In the case of the Air Force an honorary rank is awarded to a man or individual who has done something for Aviation and has furthered the image of the Air Force to the youth as a role model.
A look at the past will show that the Air Force awarded honorary ranks to persons like JRD Tata and Singhania who were great aviators themselves. I have gone through the list and have seen that no honorary rank was given to any person who had nothing to with aviation. Sachin should have himself refused the honorary rank, but his close association with Air Chief who was also a Maharashtra man carried the day. The Air Force made a mockery of the award of such a senior honorary rank to Sachin Tendulkar. This worthy was only interested in wearing the uniform and putting on his pips, as after that he never in a single case advocated or asked the youth to join the Air Force.
What a waste of an honorary rank. I wonder why nobody filed a PIL on this issue. It is sad that he is put on a pedestal with great aviators who were awarded the honorary rank for their contribution to the aviation and the Air force.