Monday, January 28, 2013

Anand Jon:59 years for rape in USA in a flawed Trial

Recently the sad case of an Indian national Anand Jon a Christian from Kerala came to my notice. I understand that one of the famous criminal lawyers from India Majid Memon who I have met had also represented Anand in the USA. He gave up after he realised that the American Judicial system is heavily weighted against non-whites.
Anand Jon came to the USA a few years back and quickly made a name as a fashion designer. He was riding high when one of his models accused him of raping her. Soon others joined up and accusations against Jon piled up. The sad thing is that Jon is only 38 and back home his mother and sister stay in Gurgaon. Jon's mother brought up the children as a single mother and understandingly both the sister and mother are traumatized. The latest report which I have is that Jon is sentenced to 59 years in jail. This is sad , and as a lawyer I examined the evidence against Jon. To say the least the evidence is flimsy and not acceptable in a court of law. But the US judge almost like a robot has gone against the evidence presented. It appears the news of a well known fashion designer accused of rape has ignited American minds and the press. It really does not matter whether Jon is guilty or not. Sensational news is what matters. Better if the accused is a non white.
Jon could have easily left the USA in 2008 when he was on bail, but despite advise he continued to stay in America, thinking the American system of fair play will prevail. How wrong he was! Now he is sentenced to 59 years in jail. The only hope now is that the case goes in appeal. Let us see what happens. Lastly I will caution about the so called American dream. Beware of it.