Friday, January 18, 2013

Foreigners are Marrying Indian Girls through Indian Matrimonial sites

On a recent visit to Bangkok I shared taxi with an American with an Indian wife. The girl was about half the age of the man and they were married for over 5 years. I later learnt that the marriage had been consummated through Bharat matrimony. India has its own brand of dating and matrimonial sites that cater to the Indian Diaspora all over the world. The prominent sites are; simply marry .com and A new phenomenon has now emerged in the form of membership of these sites by foreigners. Foreigners include mostly men from the west, particularly from the USA, Canada and Western Europe. There is hardly any membership from East Asia or China and South America.
The membership of these matrimonial sites runs into thousands. has confirmed that out of the foreigners registered 42% are whites, 25% West Asians, 25% Blacks and 6% Latinos or Hispanics. Many success stories are also reported. Most of the marriages however take place with whites only. One of the top functionaries of one of the sites commented that Indian girls would like to marry only white and Blacks were a no no: almost taboo. Perhaps this is because of the ingrained white syndrome in the Indian psyche and even darkish south India girls will prefer white men from the USA or Europe. Why would foreigners want to marry Indian girls? Basically it is the attractiveness of the Indian woman and the aura of chastity that they bring about. They are also considered more family oriented and divorce is rare. There is also zero chance of a fling or affair as it is generally not in the Indian girls psyche. Many foreigners adopt Indian customs and marry as per Hindu or Sikh rites. India is certainly changing for the better