Monday, December 17, 2012

Can the Second Amendment be Repealed ?

The recent killings of young toddlers at a school in Connecticut has ignited a debate in America whether the second amendment should be repealed. There are a few people clamoring for stricter gun laws so hand guns and rifles can be controlled. I am afraid all this sounds pretty OK but my take on this is different. Firstly I don't think the second amendment which is sacrosanct in the USA will ever be repealed.The reason is simple, the NRA and a vast number of Americans feel that owning guns is a good thing and secondly the ownership of guns is so ingrained in the psyche of the American people that it is part of their life like the automobile.
The second amendment is over 200 years old and at that time it was felt that it would be a good idea to have a controlled militia. By controlled they meant that the concerned American must be trained. One must also bear in mind that there are over 75 million guns in the USA and one can surmise that any attempt to throw this vast number of guns into the dustbin and bring in a regime like in Chin where even owning an air gun is a crime is well nigh impossible in America. The genie has come out of the bottle never to go back again.
The weapon that perhaps may be subject to control is the self loading automatic rifle. This weapon is the favorite of killers and is a military weapon. But to control even this weapon is not easy. One point must be accepted that out of over 12000 killings in USA this year less than 400 were with riffles.