Monday, December 17, 2012

America has always lived with Violent Crime like Rape and Murder

The recent killings in a Connecticut school are very sad. The killer a young lad went berserk and used a rifle to spray bullets killing nearly 30 Americans including 20 children. It is really sad that the young in America are not secure had their life snuffed out as society could not guarantee them a life to cherish. But America is home to endemic violence ever since people can remember. Sex is comparatively easy in America , yet the largest number of rapes of women and girls anywhere in the world take place in America. One can read that in the fifties of the last century a chap called Caryl Chessman went around with a gun and raped a dozen women. He was sent to the gas chamber. This year almost 12000 murders or homicidal deaths are reported in the USA and all of them were with guns.
( Chessman) Even in the thirties of the last century organized crime appeared on the scene with the famous Al Capone running Chicago has his fiefdom. He was arrested and sent to jail where he died. Not for crimes he had committed but on some tax problems.
(Black rapists) Thus violence in America is ingrained into the psyche of the American people. One has only to go to Harlem and see that the crime graph there is more than that of a small nation. One aspect does stand out that the Black man is more prone to violence and , killings and rape. How will anybody control that ?