Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cricket in Bikinis can bring in Money

Many people have commented that money is not there in women's cricket.This is a fact and something needs to be done about it. Spectators when they come to watch any match want to see a spectacle and by the look of things women dressed as men were a drab affair. So the cricket boards have to do something revolutionary to attract the crowds. The only way is to let women play as women. By this I mean the quality of a woman as a thing of beauty and joy needs to be fostered. Nobody wants to see women dressed as men. People want women as they are, lovely and enticing.
The best way is to change the attire of the women. Throw those pants and shirts away and let women play cricket in what they look best in hot pants and bikinis. After all in beach volley ball women come in bikins and play. Why not cricket.? The moment you have women in Bikinis and hot pants and play the game as women, the crowds will come in and once the crowds come in the sponsors will follow and money will come into the game.