Sunday, August 5, 2012

Power Failure: Military Repercussions and China

The recent power trip up which brought about the greatest power crises in the world that plunged 700 million people back to the dark ages is bad enough, but how many know the disastrous consequences of this.
The power failure that plunged the entire north and east India in darkness was an event that cannot be glossed over. All communication lines snapped, trains stopped in their tracks, metros stopped everywhere some in the deep tunnels, Miners were struck underground , Traffic lights failed and airports were plunged in darkness. The above is serious enough but I am told the power back ups at some of the forward air bases also failed and communication lines between the military headquarters and the forward formations were cut. In the forward areas there was total black out and the troops were waiting what to do next.
The radar stations also were below performance and the back up was not enough for prolonged usage and soon the screens blacked out. These points have not been examined or discussed and this aspect has been conveniently over looked. What if the Chinese had decided to strike India at this time? The chances are that with a break down in communication the Chinese would have had an easy run into India. This is not an alarmist scenario but a real possibility. Troops also could not have been moved in the absence of rail communication. Thus the Indian army would be battling with one arm tied behind its back.
The GOI and the Military HQs will have to think about a recurrence of this disaster. Next time it may be a different story