Saturday, July 7, 2012

The USA is the Biggest market for the Bentley

My previous boss Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani for whom I worked as the Vice President was one of the few Indians who bought a Bentley. This iconic car cost him a small fortune, but it set the roads of Mumbai on fire where ever it went. In India the Bentley is a rarity. It is a car for the well heeled only.
The Bentley is an English car made by the parent Rolls Royce company. Just to get an idea the least expensive model costs $ 176,725. The least expensive model is the Bentley Continental GTV-8. This car has a all wheel drive and a 8 speed transmission power train. It is powered by the V-8 4.0 liter engine. A veritable monster.This is also the model that has the maximum sales.

The biggest market for the Bentley is the USA and China. Yes ! China. This will surprise Indians who have no knowledge of the economy of China which is the second largest in the world. The Bentley is extremely popular and as per information global receipts for the car for the first six months of this year stand at $ 694,352,525.. Over all sales could be over $1.5 billion. The largest number of Bentleys sold this year is in the USA. it is the largest car market for Bentley's in the world way ahead of China. Read more: