Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood, Mohd Morsi and Egypt

I have been wondering what is in store for Egypt. The country is passing through a tough time. The economy is sliding down and unless the USA does not give its'gift' of a billion dollars periodically, the Egyotian economy can just flounder. No oil and no minerals, Egypt is one of the less blessed nations of the Middle East in this regard. The matter is compounded by the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate as the President of Egypt. It is not an overwhelming victory as his opponent polled almost 49% of the popular vote compared to 51% for Morsi.
Morsi has alarmed the secularists and the christian minority. Many Christians are thinking of political asylum in the USA. This shows that the election of Morsi in the long run will divide Egypt society. Morsi has also announced that the Sharia will be implemented in Egypt. Mohd Morsi has again vented his disagreement of the peace pact with Israel. This pact is the corner stone of Egyptian policy. The USA after the pact with Isael bankrolled the economy of Egypt. In case Morsi tampers with this peace pact, the results for Egypt will be ominous.
Thus the election of a Muslim brotherhood candidate is frought with risk. There is however a way out as the Army has retained the reins of power. Parliament is dissolved and Morsi has not been made head of the armed forces. These are significant aspects and perhaps the army will try and reign in Morsi. The situation in Egypt is thus tailor made for a clash. The Muslim extremists are calling this win an act of God. I have no doubt that the west is alarmed with the rise of the Muslim brotherhood and there is every chance that some thing will happen with the army breathing down the neck of Morsi and the Brotherhood. The Muslim extremists are also getting ready for a clash and the future cannot be rosy.