Friday, June 29, 2012

"Gangs of Waseypur" : a Movie to See in the Multiplex

Hindi cinema is going from strength to strength. Gone are the days of colossal sums being spent on inconsequential movies. A new breed of film makers have emerged that breath fresh life into a film making films that are topical and entertaining as well. One of this breed is Anurag Kashyap. A alumini of the Scindia school at Gwalior , Anurag has put on celluloid a film that makes a mans ears stand up.
The film Gangs of Waseypur is Anurag's show. It`s a gripping film on the coal mafia that dominates Jharkand ( earlier Bihar). The scene is set in the coal mines of Bihar and Jharkand around Dhanbad. The canvas of the film is the period of the British raj when the famous Sultana Daku ruled the roost, to the era after independence to the modern of the eighties and nineties of the last century. Anurag makes a point that nothing much has changed since the days of the Raj and the workers are exploited as ever. In this he also weaves an intricate plot of revenge and murder. Thrown in are 3 lovely new girls incuding Reema Sen and Richa Chaddha. These girls pack enough sex appeal to balance the mayhem and killings in the film. Anurag has also picturised some erotic love scenes.
The main role is essayed by Manoj Bajpai. He is one actor who does justice to any role and in Gangs of Waseypur he turns in a stupendous performance. Ad the mafia don wanting to avenge his fathers desth, he puts in a wonderful performance. The music is good with Bihari folk songs and direction gives an authentic look to the film. On a five point scale Gangs of Wasseypur deserves 5. So friends go inand see the movie. Its good value for money