Monday, June 4, 2012

One Feels Sorry for the Queen of England 63

There was much celebration in England for the commemoration of the diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II reign. There were dances, flotillas, travels down the Thames and what not. However no significant world leader from Russia, US or India has attended and the British had to  celebrate on their own. On feels sorry, as this shows that England is no longer a global power and is a small nation confined to a small area with no geopolitical influence. It has a small army of less than a 100,000 and its many fabled regiments have ceased to exist.

This is far cry from 1912, when England ruled the world and British gunboats ran the royal writ in all corners and nooks of the globe. Poor Elizabeth !

All the celebrations look hollow as this is the period that England has declined to a nobody in world affairs. All the little clout it has is courtesy the USA with whom it is allied. I remember reading a speech by Nikita Khrushchev in which he had said that England will cease to exist if 5 H-Bombs are dropped on it. That is the stark truth. So I dare say this celebration a little back looked pathetic.

Queen Elizabeth II has thus presided over a time .when the fabled British Empire got dismantled. This is not a happy thought