Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Russia , Libya and Actions of NATO

It is some time back when NATO in a great hoax perpetuated on the world joined the war against Gaddafi and in the end ousted him from power. The US and UK had got the approval of Russia and China in a Security Council resolution to protect civilians in Libya, but the reason was different. It was not to save civilians but to oust Gaddafi who the West felt was a pain in their side. This was also an opportunity for the washed out world powers like France and England now bereft of colonies to try and show that they still had some muscle. The attacks in Libya in real terms led to hundreds of deaths of civilians. Russia has now realized they tricked it to support the Security Council resolution. It has now approached the International Court at Hague to investigate the deaths of civilians caused by NATO action in Libya. The International court packed with cronies of the West and the USA and UK is unlikely to take any recognizable step. In fact it has become a tool of the West and so called ‘war criminals’ that the West feels are inconvenient are tried by it. One wonders why the USA which dropped Atomic bombs on a defeated Japan has not been tried for war crimes. This was excellently brought out in a dissenting Judgment at the International Tribunal in Tokyo by Justice Binod Pal in 1946. NATO has outlived its utility and is now trying to become a world policeman. It gives the second rate powers like France and England to again exercise their muscle and try and regain their past glory. The action in Libya was to say the least inhuman and bad. Heavy air bombardment resulted in deaths of thousands of civilians and yet the attacks continued. In the recent NATO meet at Chicago , protestors in particular demonstrated against the killing of civilians in Libya. The removal of Gaddafi has not solved the problems of the West. I am afraid they will multiply. It already tastes defeat in Afghanistan and if Russia can get back some of its glory and oppose NATO as earlier, it may soon become a paper tiger