Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Putin is Back and the USA is Uneasy

Vadimir Putin is sworn in again as the President of Russia. He was President earlier also and is now back. This is not good news for the Americans who tried their best to foment trouble for Putin. The reasons are not far to seek. Putin is a strong nationalist who believes in the greatness of Russia. He is from the Soviet era and has seen the slide of the USSR from the pinnacle of power to a second position behind America. Putin has a one point agenda to restore the pre-eminent postion of Russia in world affairs. He feels America is a pain in the neck and he is backed by a strong military with almost 1.4 million men under arms, not forgetting the nuclear arsenal at his disposal. One other point is that Russia is rising economically and has the worlds largest reserves of natural gas and oil. Thus the Russians are sitting on a gold mine. In addition Russia produces some of the best military hardware in the world. Its aircraft are a match for the USA. Russia also encompasses the half the globe and 5 time zones and thus can be a Pacific and a Baltic power. The Americans don't like this and would be better of if Putin is overthrown, hence the small agitations are all sponsored by the Americans. Putin feels Russia has a destiny and is to be a world power again. With the economy looking up and a might army Putin may well lead Russia forward. The US is sick with continuous wars and rampant inflation and budget defict of 3 trillion dollars. It will be difficult for it to remain at the apex with Putin breathing hard down the US spine.