Friday, June 22, 2012

Colonel James Johnson, US Army, Bigamy and Court Martial

Colonel James Johnson in a receent court martial was convicted for bigamy and various other charges including fraud. The fraud charges emanated from the officers relationship with an Iraqi woman, who the Colonel loved. the colonel married the Iraqi woman named Haveen Al- Atar knowing fully well that his divorce with his first wife had not yet come through. So strong was the love of the colonel for the Iraqi woman that he had her father paid as a cultural advisor in Afghanistan. Later he helped the father set up a project involving windmills in Afghanistan. In these ventures he used up funds which were in real terms meant for other civilian projects. In the Court martial the colonel pleaded for mercy, citing the fact that his father was a graduate from West Point and had retired as a general. In addition he requested that he be treated lightly as he had to take care of the woman he loved, who could not go back to Iraq as she faced a danger to her life there. All for sleeping with and marrying an American. The court martial asked teh Colonel to pay back $300,000 or go to jail. Its apeculair case where the case is not simple. Obviously the Colonel was madly in love with the Iraqi woman. Such things are common in long deployments overseas, but the other acts of teh Colonel cannot be condoned. The US army is maintaing discipline in the best way and other armies of the world must take a lesson forom this case. No army can tolerate moral turpitude or financial bungling and misappropriation of funds. From my side I hope colonel James pays back the money and lives happliy with his Iraqi wife Haveen Al - Atar.