Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bikini Clad Chinese Girls to Wash Your Car * 61

China has now cast the pretense of socialism and one facet is the change in life style. Now we have news that an underground car garage in Shanghai is using girls to wash cars. The fee for this service is indeed very steep. The girls are dressed in bikinis and wear high heel sandals along with sun glasses to convey an exotic look. this kind of service is quite common in the USA, but in China it is nothing short of revolutionary.

 Chinese girls in bikinis are a fetching lot. The garage is located on Xutu road in an underground basement. The girls help to attract passers by to come and get their cars washed. The service I understand is quite popular with the services being availed by owners of luxury cars who can foot the bill of these bikini clad girls washing the cars. It appears the owners may be free to request a date with any willing girl in case she is agreeable.

It appears that since the garage opened there is considerable rush for this service and cars are lined up for the same. In the meantime a car owner can get his car washed and at the same time watch lovely girls in Bikinis. He can ogle them, but what will be the effect on his physiology ? It will be hard on the poor man !