Friday, July 27, 2012

Internet, Pornography and Pakistan

Some time back I heard the famous writer Salman Rushdie commenting that Pakistan was a repressed nation and it was no 1 in the world for pornography search on the net. At that time I didnt lay much stress on what Rushdie said. But now when google has given the figures one is startled.
Google is the top search engine in the world. It occupies an important position on the net and its statistics cannot be doubted. Now it has revealed figures that Pakistan is number one in the world so far as search for pornographic sex is concerned. It also says that the maximum searches are for rape, child sex follwed by animal sex with dogs and even camels.
Another revealing bit of information is that out of the 10 top countries searching for sex on the web the first 7 are Islamic nations. What does this prove? It shows that these Islamic nations and Pakistan live in a closed society where there is no outlet for sex or emotion. This gets channelized to searches for sex on the net. Thus bizzare searches like child sex and rape occupy an important place in search. This again shows a repressed society.
Some Pakistani commentators have said that that this is a consipracy by Google to defame Pakistan and other Islamic countries. This is a lot of bullshit. Perhaps there is a need to reform Pakistan society to make it more open. God forbid watching bizzare sex on the net can have a deleterious effect on society as a whole