Thursday, July 12, 2012

Islam has a Destructive Streak

I recollect that some time back when Mullah Omar and his ilk were ruling Afghanistan, a decision though perverse was taken to dynamite ancient Buddhist sculptures at Bamian. Despite an outcry from the world the famous statues of Lord Buddha were razed by dynamite.
Now again an Islamic cleric has called for the destruction of the famous Pyramids of Egypt. Perhaps with the Muslim brotherhood in power through Mohammed Morsi, the extremists have been emboldened to make such demands. The hard line clerics feel that these Pyramids are against Islamic culture and must be razed to the ground. This information should not be dismissed out of hand as the hard line Muslim extremists have destroyed two shrines in Timbuktu just a few weeks back.
The hard line Muslim clerics and terror groups have no love for heritage or culture and it will be a sad day in case the Pyramids are destroyed. It does sound preposterous, but the same thing looked preposterous as well when the Buddhist statues were destroyed in Afghanistan.