Friday, July 20, 2012

American Society is Becoming Sick

Batman is a character loved by all. The masked crusader against crime is an icon. But what happened at Denver at the Century theater that was showing the movie on Batman is sickening. A masked gunman entered the hall and started indiscriminate firing. The result as on time 14 dead and over 50 injured.
I wonder how such crimes are more the rule than the exception in America. Mass killings have caught on like an epidemic. What is the problem ? Social scientists must study this phenomena. Mass killings for no apparent reason are disturbing. It shows the nation is griped by a death wish or maybe the people are sick. Too much sex, no gun control, no spiritualism, divorce at the drop of a hat are things that add up to make a sick society. America is precisely that and it wont go away, not for a long time.
America must turn to spiritualism. that is the only solution, otherwise there is no light at the end of the tunnel.