Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Personal Memoir: Sailing with Arab Girls and Love Blossems

The Beginning

I have been in the UAE for quite some time and I can say it's a swell place. One of the finest places is Abu Dhabi which is also the capital of the United Arab Emeritus. Right from my house one can see the bay below where the boats of the Sheikhs are anchored.
My friend a Sheikh owned a luxury power boat. He was a good friend and I relished clinking glasses with him on his boat which had a mini bar as well. I would sip on Royal Salute as the Sheikh drank juices. He was not averse to a drink, but it was not often.
One day he rang me up and asked me to come down to the Jetty. He told me " Look, friend , today I am taking you for a spin in the Arabian Sea. The weather is fine and it will be a lovely cruise. "
" Fine " I replied, " I am on my way". I always loved these cruises as it was an excellent time to gorge on the hospitality of my friend. Good food and whiskey were always expected to be on the card.
" Look " he continued" I have company on board, so come ready." I was a bit intrigued but put it down to the Sheikhs language which so many times had earlier also been enigmatic.
I reached the wharf at sharp nine. The sun was out and a cool breeze blew. Being February, the weather is just about OK and it's in fact fun time in this region. I drove to the dock in my Mustang and sidled right up to the power launch. It was a midsized power boat and was the pet of the Sheikh. He waved to me from the deck and signaled me to come aboard.
I went up the small gangway and was soon on the deck. I found the boat had been scrubbed and cleaned and overall gave a nice smell. Perhaps the helpers had also sprayed a perfume all around. It was a great way to start a sea sail.
I had just stepped on the deck when 3 girls suddenly came from behind the cabin. One was an American and she looked fetching in a pair of shorts. There were two other girls and i could make out that they must be local girls from the UAE. They wore Burkha's and, but they held out their hands to shake. The Sheikh now appeared and introduced all the girls to me. the American was a friend of the Sheikh and I had a lurking suspicion, that there was more to their relationship.
The Arab girls were students in London and had come for a visit to their family. They had a flawless skin and were extremely fair.

The trip begins

The Sheikh soon gave the order to move to the sea. Looking at the Arab girls I wondered how they would cope with the sea voyage in a burkha. As we left the sheltered cove the wind velocity increased, yet it was very pleasant. A strong gust of the wind and I was in for a shock. The burkha lifted up in a swirl and I was witness to the incandescent beauty of the girl’s legs. Obviously, they had worn nothing underneath the Burkha except for lovely bikinis.
As the boat moved forward the Sheikh opened cans of beer on the deck on a small table and we began to guzzle the beer. Now the girls did something which I had suspected as they discarded their burkha and stood out in all their glory. They were lovely. I can't now recollect their names, but perhaps in such a scenario a name is not important. I will say they were bold and I was struck by their shapely beauty. I had also stripped to my trunks. I have a fair amount of muscle all over my body, having spent time in the armed forces and so I felt fit and fine.
The girls also sipped the beer along with me and we chatted on all matters under the sun. The sheik was a perfect host as along with the beer a sumptuous spread was laid out. I enjoyed it and the fact remains the Arab girls impressed me. The sea was calm in a way, but the wind blew. The American girl wore a fine black bikini as well, but she paled before the Arab beauties.
The clouds began to darken and the host murmured “never thought a squall will come, hope it passes away". The sea now became a little rough and the wind blew stronger. The host suggested we retire below deck. But the Arabs said “No" and we continued on deck while the Sheikh and his American girl evaporated
Mystery woman
Mystery woman

Sailing in the rain

The sea now darkened as the overhead clouds burst. A fine drizzle commenced and both me and the girls enjoyed the rain. One must remember it is a tropical country and the rain here is more pleasure and fun. As we sailed the rain continued. It was just a drizzle, but the sea was choppy to an extent. A wave came and one of the girls was pushed towards me. She shrieked as she thought she would be swept away, but I held her close. Holding her in my arms gave me tremendous confidence. The other girl shouted
“I am going down". She left to go below deck, but I held on to my Arab girl as strongly as ever. It was an eon as I held her and all along the rain had increased. She made no attempt to move away as I held her in my arms, with the rain beating all around and the boat lurching slightly. Now thunder boomed and boomed again. I pushed her flat on deck to cover her from the rain. As my body hovered her a magical moment happened. With the rain beating down I kissed the girl. The water entered our mouths and that made the kiss more exhilarating.
The laws of nature are not defined and nor those of emotion. The inevitable happened with the rain beating down on my back. As I closed my eyes, I was reminded of the act of a lion. It was over, more like a beast in a jungle. I got up and helped her up.
“Looks like we should head back,sheikh" I said. The captain came up and announced we were going back. The rain had stopped and the sea had calmed. I wondered how the sea had become ferocious when I had had the Arab girl in my arms and now had calmed down. It was a magical moment. It was timed to perfection. I remembered the word of the almighty “not a leaf moves without my will"

The end

We sailed back and slowly entered the harborsheikcame up from below deck. He had probably a good time. He saw me and the girl and smiled. I wondered if he had guessed the magical moment between us. The girl now sped below deck. As the boat docked the girls both emerged on deck dressed in their burkha. They shook hands and the girl who had been intimate just looked at me with large expressive eyes.
I shook her hand and then realized I never knew her name, nothing about her. Yet this incident will remain a fleeting memory for ever.

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