Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hunting Lions has to Stop *

The Lion is the King of Beasts

I am fond of lions. Out of all the big cats in the animal world the Lion is the most regal andgraceful. Unfortunately this animal has been huntedmercilessly and the stage has come where the lion is on the verge of extinction. India at one time had lions aplenty , but by the mid twentieth century the lion was almost extinct in India. The government awoke up to the task and started a pilot project to save the lion, but it is now found only in one reserve in India at Gir in Gujarat.
The wild life act was also passed making killing a protected species like a lion punishable with a prison term of 10 years.
The African states also geared up to save the lion and in East Africa game reserves came up where the lion could thrive. Und fortunately, there are still people who wish to circumvent the law and kill lions for pleasure or a trophy. One incident has now surfaced in Zimbabwe.

Killing of Lion in Zimbabwe

Think of something bad and always an American name crops up. We have reports that an American dentist who claims he is a hunter, came down to Zimbabwe for a lion shoot. This man was helped by local poachers, to who heexpressed a desire to kill a lion.

A despicable act followed as a lion was lured from a protected park and shot by this man with a bow and arrow. He then slipped away and the poor lion who was in agony had to be killed by wardens of the park later on.

This killing raises latent questions. Firstly, how could this man go about with impunity and kill a lion. There is anagitation on against this man in his home town, but it may need no where. Secondly how could this man escape from zimbabwe. It is important to extradite this man to zimbabwe and be punished after a trial. I am not aware if there is a wild life law in Zimbabwe like in India. All the same this American needs to be punished.

The Future

The African countries are poor and yet have not reached the threshold of development. There is a need to be strict about killing of protected species. The world needs to help nations like Zimbabwe and Kenya. There is also a need to stop hunting of any protected species like the big cats like in China and India. A strict follow up is required. I wonder whether the poor African nations can bring about such laws and more important enforce them.
Photo I and III are by me from the Abu Dhabi Zoo and Gir Forest
Photo II is from wiki commons