Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Visits to Russia and my Memory of some Beautiful Girls

Russia is India's friend and at a time when the west had shunned India for latest weapons and technology, it was the Russians who stood by India.  They let India have the latest in jet planes and fighter bombers. The army also got a heavy dose of Russian weaponry and the latest Indian navy aircraft carrier is from Russia.

I have spent time in the Air Force and flew Russian aircraft in particular the MIG 21 and 23.  That also necessitated  many visits to Russia. These visits are for me a cherished memory as Russians welcomed us with open arms. in particular the Russian girls liked Indians , why? I cannot tell, but may be they thought them more faithful. The days of communism was the period I used to visit Russia and despite what people talk now, I don't think things were ever so bad as made out. In my view the villain was Gorbachov . Was he a man unfit to be President ? may be but the downslide of Russia and its breakup started with him

As we landed in Russia we got a great welcome and I struck a friendship

with at least 3 girls. Golden haired and white as snow these girls for me have been an important part of my life.  So many drives into the wilds of Russia on the Ural and a great place to pull a slav beauty down on the soft earth. There were also dances at so many places and it was all great fun. But sadly none of my girls was a virgin, maybe they lose it fast in Russia.

Never thought of protection and I secretly hoped that I could knock one of them and present a fait accompli to my mother.  But it didn't happen, or it did I can't say and maybe one of them hid and then vanished.  But it's all part of the game. One who was a possible candidate once did mention that she would have a child after 5 years and not now. What can one make of this?

But the memory of these Russian girls will forever remain etched in my mind.  I recollect that one was so beautiful that she was almost like a Greek sculptor and it was a great pleasure to adore her.  Well good things don't last and once I searched for a girl who was mine for long , only to learn she had married another colleague of mine.

Russia is a great place and I support Putin entirely. I am out of the air force now, but heady days of a golden Russian in my arms is not something I can ever forget.