Friday, August 28, 2015

China : Crash of Economic Power and Status

When I was in the IAF I had visited the Indo- Chinese border in NEFA. As I stood on the border I could see the People’s Liberation Army soldiers digging trenches. Next day there was a flag meet between the Indian their Chinese counterparts. This meet was an eye opener as I found the Chinese officers staring blankly at the chocolates and sweets being dished out. It was something new for them as these were not part of the Chinese army rations. We gave them large helpings of these’ goodies’ which are routine for Indian soldiers and quietly they took them stuffing their pockets. While leaving their senior most officers whispered (he was the only chap who knew English) “Don’t tell the Commissar”. Later I came to know that the Commissar was a Chinese Communist official.

This incident had a profound effect on me and I realized that the Chinese were cutting the stomachs of their own people to try and match the world.China has always been a violent society. Now it is known that the Cultural Revolution and the policy of Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom were in reality a ploy to weed out dissidents. These were promptly arrested and either executed or confined to concentration camps for‘re-education’. I wonder whether people are aware as to the cost of these campaigns. Now it is estimated that 25 million Chinese died during this period, a large number due to starvation because of these hair brained schemes of Mao Tse Tung. Hitler’s crimes fade into oblivion before these deaths.

Mao passed away and the Chinese had a new leadership. This leadership took the cover of Capitalism for economic progress, but at the same time unleashed a police state, where the workers had no rights. Imagine in a communist country paying lip service to Karl Marx, the workers have no rights. They cannot go on strike which is a legitimate part of Workers ethos. Any worker going on strike is simply arrested as ‘anti-national’ and carted away to a concentration camp. Poor Karl Marx must be turning in his grave at the plight of the workers in China.

To talk that China is making great progress in the economic field is thus something that cannot be accepted. These are the people who are not aware of the ground realities. The suppression of the Intelligentsia, the destruction of Tibet Culture, the attacks and executions of the Muslims in Sinkiang are stark reminders that China is a barbaric society.

Chinese have been churning out goods for the international market, but at what cost? I am happy to have less progress but at least have freedom to travel and go anywhere and eat and say anything. How many know that though Hong Kong is a part of China now, a Chinese needs a permit to go there. I can’t think of a permit to go to Chicago or Mumbai.

The progress by China is on the back of its workers who are almost like slaves. This can’t go on and as Newton said in his 3rd Law “To every action there is a reaction” may come true in China. The Soviet Union collapsed and nobody foresaw it. Can China be far behind? The recent economic crash where $ one trillion is written off is a pointer