Friday, August 14, 2015

The OROP is on Wrong Track and Gen Satbir Singh Needs to be Removed: He has Demeaned Honourable Soldiers

Sitting in Singapore, I am appalled at the approach of the ex-servicemens leadership headed by General Satbir Singh.It appears that when Rahul Gandhi visited Jantar Mantar, slogans were raised against him to go back and overall he was not allowed to address the agitating ex servicemen. Nothing could be more sillier than this.

An retired officer from the Singapore Army asked me why this man was not wanting to politicise the agitation. Surely he commented  the demand cannot come by just fasting and " appealing" to the Government ?

In addition I saw on TV, General Satbir announcing strongly that he would not allow Rahul to use the mike. I got the impression as tens of others that the general wanted to curry favour with the Modi government. The humiliation meted out to ex-servicemen by Modi government was forgotten as he towed the BJP line . Why? The reason he sees a glimmer of hope, that Modi may announce OROP on 15 Aug. Never the less he forgot that the first man who prodded Chidambaram to announce OROP was Rahul Gandhi.

By his approach General Satbir Singh has demeaned the demand of ex-servicemen for OROP to a begging bowl. Is he happy with this approach? The general has shown a churlish attitude. One feels he is sitting with outstretched hands for OROP to fall into his lap. This approach is dangerous as Modi may announce OROP, but there could be many a rider. General Satbir is not the right man to lead this agitation and whether OROP comes or not, he needs to be shown the door.