Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fair Girls and Latest Scotch Chivas Regal are a Heady Concotation

 My penchant for Scotch whiskey, preferably Chivas Regal is well known to my friends. Its a matter of joy that a new Flavor has appeared. It will give a Filip to my other liking for fair girlsgreat new flavor
Whiskey drinkerslike me have a new-found reason to rejoice. The cause for celebration? Luxury whiskey brand Chivas Regal has a new launch after eight years! Christened Chivas Regal Extra, this new offering from the award-winning house is one of the richest and most generous tasting blendsyou’ll ever sip on. I am pretty sure that my Saturday night tipple will never be the same again. It will add spice to my trysts with girls as fair as fresh snow.
Patrons of the brand are no strangers to Chivas’ pioneering art of blending whiskies dating back to the 19th century. With Extra, they have raised the bar yet again. Master Blender Colin Scott has picked the rarest malt whiskies from the Chivas inventory to present this uniquely blended Scotch matured in Oloroso sherry casks.
The connoisseur will instantly be able to put a finger on Extra’s inimitable reinterpretation of Chivas’ signature style—a fruity, sweet nose with ripe pears and creamy toffee notes spruced up with a hint of ginger. The tropical flavours of melon and soft undertones of vanilla and caramel are blended with a spicy tang of cinnamon and a touch of almond, promising a taste you will relish long after you have emptied your tumbler!
Great Chivas taste and a lovely fair girl go together
What I have written above should be great news for lovers like me of good Scotch and fair girls. I must give some advice. Forgo a night out this weekend and invite your fair girl home for a dram (and more) of this must-have addition to your bar cabinet. It will be a great cocktail. Nothing beats this combination. I would like to add flying supersonics as well, but its out of reach of most.
Chivas Regal Extra is available at Mumbai Duty Free at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’s T2. It is also available at my favorite airport Dubai. I am told it will be available world wide from August 2015.
However you can buy Scotch , but getting a fair girl into bed will require a special acumen. Happy hunting days ahead