Thursday, August 27, 2015

What Next in the OROP ? *

The Modi government is under siege and one  cant help feeling that its it own creation. The agitation of teh ex servicemen for a legitimates demand has been stalled by Modi, but now the birds have come home to roost with the agitation of the Patels in Gujarat  for reservation. This demand in contrast to the Es servicemen's demand is unholy as the Patels   are the dominant community in Gujarat and among all Gujaratis. Yet the Modi government is held to  ransom by lumpen elements of the Patel community. Till last reports the army is called out and about 7 or 8 Patels and their ilk have died.

The Modi government by sanctioning a legitimate demand for OROP, could have faced the Patel agitation squarely. But a short sighted approach and failure to recognise  the reality has brought the Modi government face to face with a monster. The ex servicemen and the army were his best bet , but he scorned them and now his own vote bank has rebelled against him. Mind you this is just  the beginning  but a precursor to many more agitations of a similar nature. It should not appear to onlookers that Modi government only talks and acts at the point a gun. The Patels have unleashed the gun and now Modi is reacting.

What a contrast to the agitation of the ex servicemen, so dignified and sans violence, yet Modi sat tight on the demand. This shows that in reality the Indian PM is a hollow man, more adept at rhetoric than substance. If modi has some sense he will sanction OROP and build his credibility. He must not show that he acts only when a bayonet is thrust into him, This calls for statesmanship. Is Modi up to it ? In another a day or two we will see where Modi stands.