Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Narendra Modi : Tough Against Own Veterans but no Show Against Enemy

Usman Khan is a terrorist nabbed by local Kashmiri villagers . He was in India to foment terror and was able to neutralise 15 Indian BSF soldiers. He had some success. But the worrying fact is that we now know that this captured terrorist was motivated to enter India with a group to foment terror for victory of Islam over infidels( Hindus). This is the harsh truth. Whatever one may say the fact is that the Indian leadership lacks the guts to face or confront Pakistan. The mantle for this must fall on Narendra Modi, who talked big when on the election trail. Yet , this same man showing his hard attitude by allowing the agitation for OROP by his own soldiers to go on without batting an eyelid. Modi is tough against his own soldiers, asking for a genuine demand and yet he has nothing to show of action against a formidable enemy.

What can one make of this approach of Narendra Modi? Why Modi, the previous government led by the yes man of the Nehru Gandhi family Man Mohan Singh was simply worse. In other words the political leadership has failed India. Can there be anything sadder than this?

For nationalists these events can have a traumatic effect. The Indian army has an umbilical cord with ex soldiers. I fail to understand how Modi has not realised that non sanction of OROP will have no effect on serving personnel?

No amount of publicity and request to the world community to take action will serve the purpose. India will have to fight its own battles itself. How can it fight when the leadership led by Modi and BJP fights battles with its own soldiers asking for a genuine demand of parity in pension?

The only way to solve this problem is by belling the cat , Pakistan. Its not easy, but what is the way? Certainly not by fighting a war with its own ex soldiers. Remember no country whether USA or anybody is going to fight India's battle