Friday, August 28, 2015

OROP : What Next, No Sanction Likely till COAS Acts

There is an old saying that one can see how he looks only in a mirror. Sitting far away from India I am able to see the agitation unfolding a little better. I have had a bird’s eye view of the OROP agitation.  I had stated months back that Modi and the government will NOT sanction OROP in the classical sense. No amount of debates and speeches on TV and at Janta Mantar can hide the fact that GOI is not going to sanction OROP as approved. Yet there are many who have fond hopes that Modi will do the needful as he has said that OROP is approved in principle.

Yes, approved in principle! But this neither here nor there and could very well carry on for another couple of years. The fact is the agitation is working on the wrong premise of not politicizing the agitation and also  fondly hoping the government led by Modi will agree for OROP by statements like “ I have full faith in Modi and he will sanction OROP”.. I am afraid there are many among the leaders of OROP who are suggesting toning down of the demand. How silly!

The agitation seems to be on the wrong footing. Firstly there is the fallacies hope that by not politicizing the agitation the Modi government will be pleased and come around to sanction OROP. Secondly some of the men in the OROP say silly things. I read that “we should not criticize Mohan Panicker, the defense Minister, as he is on the side of the ex-servicemen” or words to that effect.   Panicker is only on the side of the BJP and RSS and nothing else.

 A point which I had made earlier in my post     that the enemy is within holds true more than ever today. The COAS is the culprit and all the chiefs who sat in the chair for 4 decades must hang their head in shame. How could these men have allowed the OROP to be abolished and then sit on the demand for 4 decades without pressurizing the government?

 To blame the civil services is a favorite of all.  I have my friends in the MOF and they are my class mates. They tell me that in case the armed are devalued or OROP has not come the blame is on the 3 service chiefs who NEVER put their foot down and allowed things to meander. I am afraid this is true. Now we have the case of General Suhag acting as a mediator. I could die laughing on a bed of mails. Meditator? He is supposed to be the first soldier and should be representing the soldiers. He is not a mediator between the GOI and ex-servicemen.

 The armed forces lack bite. The chiefs are like pussy cats. Alistair Maclean wrote “fear is the Key”. This is what dictates these so called Chiefs of Staff led by COAS. No amount of fasting or other means will bring OROP till the chief acts. We must remember what Guru Gobind Sing wrote “If all else fails its righteous to draw the sword”. The serving men in uniform must be asked to support the demand, because there is an umbilical cord that joins them with us.