Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal is the Last Nail in Coffin of American Empire

For decades America and Iran have been daggers drawn. It all started with the US support for the Shah of Iran. At that time an active intervention by the US may have saved US interests in Iran. However the American think tank was of the opinion that jettisoning the Shah was a good thing, as we will get on the right side of Khomeini. The Shah was thus dropped like a hot potato and America tried to curry favor with the new regime. Unfortunately the anger against America had spilled over and it was branded as the "great Satan".
This led to the storming of the US embassy in Tehran and hundreds of US personnel were captured and imprisoned. This was in blatant disregard of international law and the Hague convention. America had a weak president in Jimmy Carter. Instead of launching a operation he negotiated to pay a billion dollars as ransom to get the embassy personnel released. US prestige nose dived all over the world..
Even after the release of the hostages no reprisal raids were carried out. This is something I have never understood.
The Rise of Iran as a Nuclear Power.
The Iranians realised that the nuclear bomb was with Israel and they resolved to have their own deterrent. The entire exercise could have been nipped in the bud with an air raid as suggested by Israel. But for unknown reasons this never happened. In the meantime Obama became president of the USA. This was the one single mistake that the American peopledid. Putting in office a man who had sympathy for Muslims and a man who NEVER equated any Muslim with terror and always talked in generalities of people being terrorists.
At the same time he realized that his term as US President was getting over and he wanted to do something to set a "historical wrong" right.. He talked of Muslims being partners in America and credited so many silly things to them. He completely ignored the fact that Muslim soldiers attacked their on kith and kin and fellow combatants in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many also carried out killings in the US.
In the mean time Iran reached a threshold in the development of nuclear weapons aided by North Korea and China. Once they had achieved technical knowhow they started negotiations primarily to break the economic embargo. They were able to fool Obama and the west of their sincerity. The fact is in their heart of hearts everybody knows it's just a stand still agreement and in due course Iran will have nuclear weapons.
Deliberate Throwing the Towel by Obama
One wonders why obama agreed for this treaty. It will in no way restrict Iran from having nuclear weapons. In fact a Iranian professor in the local university was delighted.I will quote him" It's so nice that Obama is President. Does this man think Iran will not have nuclear weapons? Man we have bought time and very soon we will be ready for the Zionists and the great Satan".
Obama as I stated is the worst thing that could have happened to the USA. Saudi Arabia is also alarmed and people in the UAE are apprehensive of Iran. Many have asked me why the US agreed.They are a great power, why didn't they knock down the nuclear installations years back, like they did in Iraq. The answer lies in the mental makeup of the man who has led USA for almost 7 years. he is conditioned as a Afro American and like most of his ilk converting to Islam in the USA, his sympathies clearly lie somewhere else.
Last Word
I write these lines as an observer, as Iran is a friend of India and before Obama, the Iran President attended the Indian Military parade as chief guest on Republic day. Sometimes like a mirror an outsider can view things in a better perspective. There is no doubt that this agreement is not what it appears and Iran will have nuclear weapons.It's Israel that is threatened and it will have to gird up its lions for the danger that is looming ahead. The USA will find it difficult to retract and i have no doubt that Obama has put a nail in the coffin of American power. Maybe that is what he wanted.