Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gurudwara at Jebel Ali ( Dubai) and my Phillipine GirlFriend

I have now been in Abu Dhabi for some months now and have been impressed with the quality of life which is much better than India or even Singapore, where I was earlier. The UAE follow the Sharia, but it is a pragmatic form of Sharia that encompasses liberalization. One example of this is the Gurudwara at Dubai. This Gurudwara was built under the patronage of the ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Actium. The ruler donated land free for the Gurudwara and is close to the port of Jebel about 30 km from Dubai. The gurudwara is the largest outside India and much cleaner than Indian Gurudwara. It is a beautiful piece of architecture and is built over 2 floors. The main hall can accommodate 900 devotees and a massive car park is available (In the UAE everybody owns a car). D The piece de resistance is the Guru ka Langar (free kitchen) that runs 24 hours. Anyone stopping by is assured of a meal of Kaali Dal, Chana, Rice and cooked vegetable with pickle and salad along with the proverbial Punjabi Punjabi Kheer as sweet dish. I have visited the gurudwara with my girl friend Marie praying and savouring the Langar. Marie is insisting we go ever week in my Ford Mustang; is she converting to Sikhism? So friends do visit the gurudwara even if you are not a Sikh, you will not regret it.