Thursday, March 28, 2013

My First Love was my Dog Teddy

Love is a terrible and yet a sweet word. In popular imagination love is associated between a girl and boy and later at the mature stage between a man and a woman. Sex has a connotation with it though there is Platonic love but that is in the field of utopia. One can however love an animal and this is a different form of love. As a child my father brought home a Fox hound. I named him teddy and he was my first love. Teddy was a sprightly dog who was intelligent and he soon realized what I felt for him and when I came back from school, he would rush towards me and jump up and lick my face. Teddy and I went for long walks in the hills and he would be always at my side. He was a true companion and we would sometimes sit under a ledge for hours and talked. Yes talked! Teddy seemed to understand everything and all my words. Is it possible. Now I am more than sure that teddy understood everything. It was 2 years of bliss till Teddy died of a mysterious ailment. My dad took him to the vet but he couldn’t save Teddy. Teddy will forever remain in my mind for all times to come. His short bark and yelp still rings in my ears though decades have passed. I am sure Teddy now lives a life of peace in the spiriy=t world or maybe he is reincarnated as a man.