Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Al Qaeda has a Online magazine for Canada and America

The Boston bombers have brought into focus an online magazine published by Al Qaeda. Both brothers got inspiration after reading this magazine published. The magazine called INSPIRE is in English and its target audience is young committed Muslims in Canada and US. The magazine is the brainchild of an renegade American Samir Khan who migrated to Yemen in 2009. He started the magazine in 2010 but was soon killed in a drone attack. The magazine is in PDF and has hidden links. It contains articles like how to make pressure cooker bombs at home as well the joy of being a Jhadist. The magazine has a glossy look and the Boston bombers learnt how to make pressure cooker bombs from this magazine. This magazine aims at creating a Jihad force from inside America to strike a blow against the American state. Its a clever and devious plan and so far they are a success. The FBI and CIA have real task on hand. Lastly it is the beginning and more such bombing attacks will follow.