Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Visiting Kabul: an Adventure

Kabul appears a forbidding place. Its in the news for all the wrong reasons, bombs, terror attack, suicide bombers and what not. So when I landed in Kabul it was a refreshing surprise. Kabul has a modern airport and immigration formalities did take some time. Once outside I found I had been given a bullet proof car and a gunman. He supported a AK 47. Frankly I felt they were not needed as the Afghan love Indians and I was overwhelmed with their hospitality. They hate Pakistanis, who they blame for all their troubles. Excellent food is available and the Afghan Naan is huge one. It is relished with chicken. Afghan cuisine is more akin to Indian north food. Its wonderful and the Afghan want to treat you to the best foods. There are barbed wires everywhere, a reminder that Taliban are not far off. One Afghan told me" Friend you come here in place of these bloody Americans". That's the reality. They don't want America and hope India will help. I stayed 2 days in Kabul and came back happy. Kabul is a great place. What friendly people. Visiting Kabul is a great adventure and would love to go again.