Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama will be Appeasing the White Lobby in Attacking Syria

War clouds are hovering over American armed forces. One feels sorry for the young men who are bravely serving the nation, but its hard to reconcile that thousands of them are sent to death to fight an impossible dream. Successive US Presidents from Johnson to Bush have sent them to fight wars thousands of miles from home, only to die. One need not look back too far and remember that 5000 US servicemen died chasing an impossible dream of George Bush in Iraq. In any criminal tribunal Bush would have been indicted and punished, but he is is enjoying his retirement. Not a crease on his brow for getting 5000 servicemen killed to satisfy his ego.
Obama was an opponent of the Iraq war. He got the US army out of Iraq, but he is now a prisoner to a white stranglehold. That is perhaps one reason he is talking of a 'limited' strike against Syria. Strike against Syria? what for ? The reasons sound similar to the WMD stockpiled by Saddam and later it showed there were none. It was a big lie. Now there is talk off use of toxic gas. Obama , may not on his own like to intervene in Syria. He is hesitant so far. Any other President by now would have unleashed war in Syria. but Obama is a prisoner of the White caucus, who want war and I am afraid as a Negro blood man he has to show that he can be aggressive for America. The Whites in his cabinet want it.That is the genesis of the attack on Syria as and when it comes. Obama must assert himself and remember his days as a senator, when he had opposed interventionist wars.