Saturday, August 31, 2013

Halle Berry, Controversy, Swordfish and Nudity

Halle Berry deserves her place in the sun, for the simple reason that she is a woman with Negroid blood. I say this only because for a hundred years of Hollywood, the Negro actress never got her due. All the roles that were given to her were of a maid or a nanny on a plantation in the deep south. Good roles never came the way of negro actresses. Halle did well and from Bond girl to other roles like Cat woman, she was good. But I have another take on her.
In the film Swordfish she gave a nude shot of her breasts.I think if the rumor mills are to be believed she got half a million dollars for that expose. I have seen the movie and the shots, but the fact that she is a celebrity is the only thing going in her favor. The shot of the breasts is nothing extraordinary. Yet her celebrity status ensured that people went crazy to see them. That is stardom.

Halle won an Academy Award an did liked her acceptance speech where she dedicated the award to all the black actresses who never had a chance to win. The lot of the negro was bad in the South. Frankly later things changed and I don't think Negroes are badly off in the USA. I remember reading a John Wayne interview in which he had said that the negro had greater opportunities and really nothing to complain. tell me he had said where in the world can a Negro have a better opportunity than in America. How many will agree.