Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Western Man's Guide to Loving a Hindu Woman

Hinduism is the ONLY major religion in the world that worships God also as a woman. In Hinduism the Devi (woman Goddess) plays a pivotal role. It is only in Hindu religion that Dharma, Wisdom, Knowledge, Prosperity; Power etc which are the epitome of Human life are represented symbolically by feminine Hindu deities Feminine spirituality is not something that needs to be grafted onto Hindu Dharma. It has always been a core part of Hindu faith. Having understood this a western man may think of making love to a Hindu woman. It will be a good idea to come to grips with Hindu thought before you love a Hindu woman. Firstly the form of dress or attire is distinctly different from the dress of a western woman. A Hindu woman will usually be dressed in a sari which is draped around the lower limbs with blouse, leaving the mid riff bare.

Before making love to Hindu woman it is best to be a little aggressive without being overbearing. Unlike western women Hindu girls are a lot shyer. So as a start it is imperative that you look the girl in the eye and establish eye contact. Follow up by words of endearment and let her know you know the Hindu gods and relate to her the love of Lord Krishna -Rukumani. Tell her how the Lord carried away Rukumani from her palace. Kiss her eyelids and lightly her lips and follow up by enveloping her in your arms and carry her to the bed in one composite motion.
See that the bed is draped with clean sheets and have some incense burn in the room. Dim the lights , but do not darken the room. If possible have a tape run the Hindu prayer 'om' in low voice. Create an atmosphere that sanctifies the occasion. Dwell long on her lips and take the next steps as slowly as possible. Disrobe the Hindu woman slowly and see that the sari does not get entangled in any way. Continue to divest her slowly of her blouse and bra. All the while follow up by comparing her beauty to that of a goddess. Remember in Hindu thought sex is one of the paths to attaining God. Do not think of the act only as a human weakness but as a potent recipe to higher fulfillment.
Slowly do the homage with your tongue and lips and in case you feel a rush of blood calm yourself. The sex act at its highest can also lead you to your previous birth as Hinduism believes in reincarnation of the soul. So treat this moment as a god given gift. The act proper should only be commenced when the woman is warm and ready to receive you. Enter her languorously and move slowly till you build up to the peak.\ So insure that you use no contraceptive and pay your tribute to the womb of the Hindu woman.
In Hinduism the temples and the ancient texts all say that one of the paths to god is through sex.Believe in this yourself and you will make this day a memorable one in your life. Close