Friday, August 9, 2013

Try This for Sexual Vigor.You will be a gainer

ecently a friend of mine confessed to me that he was not able to ‘perform’ in bed. He was little despondent as he was feeling a lot insecure. This is one trait that comes up in case your distribution curve shows a deep dip in your nocturnal performance. I remember what my guru Swami Shradanand had told me some years back. He had then told a small congregation that what to do in case you wanted to perform better in bed. I reproduce what the swami told me below. The swami gave a combination of bio- chemic tonic and natural food for this purpose.
a) The first step is to go to a bio- chemic shop and buy compound no 27. This is a bio chemic tonic available across the shelf in most medical stores dealing with homeopathic and bio chemic medicines. It has no side effects and is safe like a cucumber. In any case do not take any drug like Viagra or associated products. Take 4 tablets 4 times a day and let the pills dissolve in your mouth of their own accord. b) Follow up with a diet of almonds, dates mixed in warm honey twice a day. This is a nourishing diet and needs to be assimilated carefully. Eat ii slowly to savor the taste as well as a chance to the body to assimilate this food.
c) Take at least 3 farm eggs fried in butter with plenty of onion and grounded red chilies. This could be taken in the morning. Garnish the fried eggs with chopped almonds and raisins with a slice of bread. d) At bed time take a glass of warm milk with honey. Lastly make it a habit to exercise daily for 30 minutes. You could do anything like a jog or go to the gym or cycle. Do what ever you like and follow this regime of diet and exercise and the results will show in the first week itself. All those who read this post are requested to try it out and give me a feed back. It can only be positive.