Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meeting Acharya Rajneesh:My Moment of Truth

Acharya Rajneesh is in the view of many persons a great philosophical messiah. He brought in new techniques in mediation based on the Hindu Tantra, where sex had a major role. Western doctors have vouchsafed for his techniques that brought in bliss and relaxation. I as an officer of the IAF was forbidden to meet such persons, but as a young officer I ventured to meet him. I met him twice and I can say that it was a defining moment in my life. The first time I met him, it was a simple meeting. His eyes were hypnotic and they seemed to bore into my soul. He asked what I wanted and all I could say was "nothing".

The next meeting was a time when I was in some tension. It took place a few months later in Pune, just before the great man left for the USA. As I sat before , I saw another American girl ( Known as Sanyasins) also kneeling and getting the blessings of the living god. She was young and the state of mind I was, I desired her.What a word 'desire', but can one get away from it?
Next what happened was magic, the Acharya looked at me and said" don't be agitated, I will soothe you". I just nodded, dreading that the Acharya had read my mind. His eyes bored into me and what he said is something I can never forget " Come and take her hand and take her to the land of bliss". He took her hand and put it in mine. I bowed and both the girl and I left to an adjacent room for the most satisfying sex I have ever had. What does one make of it ? I never met Rajnish again, but there is no doubt he was a messiah who was a clairvoyant.