Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sinking of Indian Submarine in Bombay Naval Dock

A few days back the inadequacy of the Indian navy was exposed. A Kilo class attack submarine exploded in Bombay dock killing 18 sailors including 3 officers. The submarine was a Russian submarine( purchased from Russia) and had just returned after an extensive refit. The cause of the armed submarine which was to proceed on a simulated attack mission of the coast of Pakistan is a mystery. Naval experts have pointed out that teh submarine could not have exploded on its own as there are many safety layers.
One can't help feeling that this could be a case of sabotage. But in case it is sabotage it could only be done by one of the sailors on board. The navy sank in the dock and the Navy divers just could not reach and open the hull. This showed that naval divers lacked experience and also did not have eh necessary equipment for a salvage operation.
An attempt was made to float the submarine and bring it up, also failed. The navy just did not have the expertise for eh task. This is sad as eh submarine has taken 18 sailors to their grave. The Indian navy's pretense of a blue water navy looks hollow when it just does not have the expertise to take care of a disaster like the one that overtook INS Sindhuralshak in Bombay dock.