Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do Black Women Desire White Men in USA?

This is a thorny question and one cannot give a clear cut answer. But there are some pointers, that can give an indication. Before I write further ( as I have already written) the black man is the finest specimen of physical fitness in the USA, as he has evolved through the theory of survival of the fittest in an age where the chances of a Negro surviving were very less.
The Negro woman in case she married a black was condemned to perpetual slavery. It was life long bondage, that only ended with death. In such a situation in case a beautiful black woman could sleep with a white man and conceive from him, there was a chance her offspring would face less discrimination compared to a totally black child. True some negro children from white fathers were treated as slaves, but some did get a higher status as well. This is the genesis of a secret desire among many black Americans to mother a child from a white man. This is explosive stuff, but in my visits to USA, I have been able to sense it. I think this subject call for research from social scientists. Nobody has researched on this aspect of black women white men sex relations. But it is worth a look.