Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Have you Desired a Woman that you Just see or met ?

This is not a difficult question, but the answer is not easy. At least most men will shy away from an answer. Nobody will admit that a man may like to have sex with a woman he has just met. Many men will of course think about it, for that is human nature. A man may develop a desire to bed a woman by just talking to her. But its not easy and one can't just say'Hey I want to sleep with you'. It may have sad repercussions.
But there is nothing wrong with these thoughts and the answer lies with the interpretation of the Tantra theory of Hinduism as given by Acharya Rajneesh. He was a messiah and now many realize that what he said was true. Man and woman have a chemistry and sometime in case that chemistry works, it can lead to great happiness, bliss and even Moksha( salvation). The question is what should a man do in case he meets a woman and likes her and has a thought she would be his grace in bed. The Acharaya felt that that such a union is blessed, though the couple may not know each others name. In other words he sanctified the sex act.
The Ashram at Pune of the Acharya is worth a visit, to realize oneself. Here a woman and a man can mate, just because they want it. I spent some time in a asharam at Pune and that was 2 decades back or even more. I desired an American girl taking the blessing of Rajneesh. He was a man with a gift of telepathy and he read my mind. He just took my hand and put it in the American girls hand. it was the most electrifying experience in my life. Friends try it and then let me know on my blog how it went. Cheers !