Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Killing at Washington Naval Base is a Reminder the USA look Inwards

There is a photo of a Negro reservist who had got an honorable discharge from the navy. This man is alleged to hav entered the high security naval establishment at Washington , just 3 km from the white house and gunned down 12 Americans. The incident is sad, but calls for deep introspection.
The USA has all along been concerned with wars outside. Now the stress is on Syria and the white think tank surrounding Obama an Afro American is beating the war drum. But there is a need to look inward, at the soul of the US armed forces. All is not well there. There is the case at Fort Hood where an Army doctor gunned down 13 soldiers. He has been sentenced to death, but how does this console the dead?.
This incident is now being white washed as the man is supposed to have needed treatment for psychiatric disorder. Frankly it's all trying to cover up a fact that the Negro is not part of American society. He is the rebel who is revolting against a white discrimination of 250 years. It was not long ago in the Second World War, when the blacks were not allowed to have jobs on deck in the warships and they remained below deck. The incident is sad and is a clear pointer that the US armed forces must look inwards and restrict the entry of undesirable elements into the ranks. This is easier said than done as the US armed forces in the absence of the draft, is facing a man power crunch. What is to be done ? The answer is simple, most blacks and Muslims need to be subjected to an intense psychological test before recruitment. Perhaps that is not possible in a democracy like the USA. But the fact remains the US armed forces will always have one hand tied behind their back in a conflict. This may well sound the death knell of a great force.