Friday, September 13, 2013

I say to Obama, Don't Start What you Can't Finish

The US is beating the war drum. But before Obama and the USA bomb Syria they must look at their past. At least 3 Major conflicts stand out. Firstly there is Korea, nobody talks of it now, but it was a war the US fought for 3 years with 'ZERO' gains. At the end of it all it was back to square one and the 38 parallel remained as the border and so did North Korea. Then came Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson a man with a limited horizon ordered an escalation and later the US withdrew having suffered a colossal defeat. It was 10 years for nothing and thousands of US young men died in an elusive cause. Nobody again wants to talk about it now. Then came Afghanistan. Obama , the realist has realized there is no victory there and so has beat a hasty retreat. The USA will be quitting Afghanistan and more than likely the Taliban will take over. The US is now talking of Syria. This is sad as the US white think tank does not realize that such a campaign will suck in Israel and a bigger war cannot be ruled out. What will the USA do? Run turtle again? The attack on Syria will be a watershed and the Muslim ulema will have another handle. I pity Israel, friendless in the Middle east a country so tiny that one nuclear device will obliterate it. Obama better think !