Sunday, April 10, 2016

The GOP are in a Death Wish as they Oppose Donald Trump

I have been following the US election  scenario with more than a passing interest. What I find is that the Republican party  who lost to Democrat Obama and sat out of the Presidency for 8 years may have to sit back for another term. The reason is the old guard of the party led by the losing candidate in the 2012 election Mitt Romney. They have not supported Donald Trump,who incidentally is the leader at the moment. He is much ahead of Ted Cruz his nearest rival. But Donald does not inspire confidence in the old guard and they are trying their best to derail his lead; fair or Foul.

I wonder whether the old guard realizes that opposing Donald may well be the double edged sword and in the process they will divide the party and whosoever is the candidate   will be he will bite the dust against Hillary  the likely candidate of the Democrats. This is the harsh truth. I am sure if Donald is denied nomination he has the capacity to break the party and that is not a good thing. Worse is the machinations of the old brass who are trying their best to deny Donald a nomination.

I wonder why the party elders cannot allow the elections for nomination to continue and allow Donald if he wins a crack at the Presidency. There is no doubt that Hillary is like old vinegar rancid and stale and Donald for all his maverick ideas may just about lift the USA from the abyss it has fallen into.