Monday, April 11, 2016

Fertilization" of European Women

The exodus from Muslim lands to Europe was initially taken lightly. People in Europe were in fact, happy that some migrants would be available for labor. Europe is facing a manpower crunch and labor force to run services like public health and sanitation is not available. This is because of 2 basic reasons. Firstly, the new breed of European men does not fancy doing hard work, in particular, menial jobs. The second reason is the low birth rate. The present birth rate for entire Europe is 1.5. To sustain a healthy population growth the birth rate required is 2.1. Europe is aging and requires a young workforce. With falling birth rates, Europe needs young men for labor.

The Exodus
History is witness to many mass migrations. Migration also took place during a time of calamity. Most migrations consisted of both men, women, and families.From Europe, we had the migration to America, but women in almost equal numbers migrated along with the men. In addition, there was no religious zeal behind these migrations, for which the main reason was economic.

Compared to the old migrations, the present exodus from the war-torn lands of the Middle East namely Syria and Iraq has a slightly different connotation. Here the migration is not homogenous but concentrated in males crossing and seeking asylum. As per figures 90%+ of the migrants are men and women are just a sprinkling among them. It appears strange that the men alone are escaping from the war-torn lands and women are being left behind.

The Islamic clergy has now decided to use this exodus to further the spread of Islam in Europe. As already pointed out, the Islamic religious scriptures look favorably on migration as means for conversion to Islam. Muslim clerics are now exhorting their men to go to Europe and Islamise the continent by 'fertilizing' the European women.
Fertilize means to sow the seed and it means to impregnate the women. The Imam of Al Aksa mosque has harangued the Muslims to do their duty as the Europeans need labor and this influx must be used to procreate children who will ultimately Islamize Europe.
The Future
As things stand the majority of the Muslims who have entered are men. Whether they believe in the exhortations of the Muslim clerics is a moot point, but with thousands of men roaming around without women, the chance of rape and forced cohabitation with European women has increased.

The future for Europe is thus bleak. The bigger culprit is the shortage of labor and that in the first instance led to the influx being welcomed.

I have not touched on another aspect of this exodus and that is the infiltration of the ISI cadre. All one can say is that Europe faces a testing time and perhaps too much affluence leads to complacency, that is not a good thing