Sunday, April 24, 2016

Assessment of the Presidency of Barrack Obama

President Barrack Obama has been President for the last 7 years and now is coming to the fag end of his tenure. After the amendment passed by congress, the term of a US president has restricted to 2 four-year terms. This is to prevent the recurrence of a situation like when Roosevelt was elected president for 4 terms and died after nearing the end of his term.
Obama was the first colored American Negro to be president of USA, though strictly he was not a pure black as he had a white mother. Obama’s father was Moslem from Kenya and he earlier went to a Muslim school (a Madrasa). But later he converted to Christianity but many have had lurking suspicions about his real love for Christianity. Many wonder whether he in his heart had a soft corner for Islam Many Americans have brought forth evidence that  Obama sold the American state and the reason they  cite is his belief in Islam.
Frankly I don’t think Obama is a Muslim, but there is no doubt that he had a soft corner for Islam and he had little love for Israel. If I remember correctly he only visited Israel once and that also only in his second term. This just about shows his bias.
One wonders whether his bias in favor of Islam actually affected America’s interests in the world. One can see that he adopted a strong stand against North Korea but he almost treated the ISI with kid gloves till the Russians showed by a severe bombardment how the ISI could be beaten.
Obama was not a strong president, but one really can’t blame him for this as Congress was always ranged against him and many of his good intentions were squashed by Congress which had the Republican majority. Thus, Obama achieved nothing significant. Perhaps one aspect of his foreign policy is the patch up with the communist regime in Cuba. This was the gigantic step forward and after 60 years he reversed the irrational American policy. But in other spheres, he was tongue tied and some actions of his like bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia are difficult to explain.
Obama also mended fences with India, but his support to Pakistan was inexplicable. Especially as it were running terrorist camps. Obama blundered in removing the dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, and this folly allowed the Muslim brotherhood to have a say in Cairo, till the army jailed their leader Mohammed Morsi. His failure in Libya is palpable and his crude attempts to cover the killing of the US ambassador in Benghazi are an eye opener and one wonders whose interests he had in mind.
In short Obama was a lackluster president and achieved little. He just sat and went away and I am afraid his only contribution is that the USA came down in world esteem by a notch or two.